Synopsis Edit

Rowan destroys two laptops.

Summary Edit

Rowan says that he got the computers from his school. The video then cuts to a montage of him smashing the HP with the Stone. He shows a stick of RAM to the audience and snaps it in half. After that he starts destroying the Toshiba by throwing it on the HP. The HP gets destroyed more and the plastic falls off the Toshiba. After that he throws the HP aside and starts hitting the Toshiba. He opens the Toshiba and starts hitting the fan with the hammer. Then he throws the Toshiba onto the Dell to cause even more damage but was unsuccessful. Then he starts destroying the internals including more RAM. He shows people the hard drive and the disc drive and destroys those two components as well. He throws the laptopss away and cleans up the mess. The outro plays and he pours water on it to clean the dust. After that he shouts out the Haters that are going to whine in the comments.

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